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Create, manage, modify, monitor, measure, process, and maintain suitable, structurally sound, and competitive investment portfolios as investor investment profiles, the current market conditions, the market outlook, and relative investment values change.

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Investment Advising and Investing Excellence

In My Opinion

Investment advisors, stockbrokers, and individual investors continuously seek the nonexistent wellhead of the 'fountain'' of perfect investment recommendations, investing strategies, and, investment timing sources in the mistaken belief that 'best' investing performance can only come from better investment ideas while being unwilling to acknowledge the fact that they themselves are most often the weakest investing performance cog.

Individual investors' monthly statements and investment portfolios most often look much like the 'Winchester Mystery House' without consistency, discipline, direction, continuity, control, or theme; neither structurally sound nor competitive; random, isolated, sometimes frequent transactions with no clear investing goal in mind; adrift, results more by chance than by design.

There are many types of investments, investing strategies, and investing tools that are profoundly flawed, fictitious, treacherous, and often predatory.

Modern Portfolio Theory, the Olestra™ of advising and investing, and all of its illegitimate relatives — Monte Carlo Analysis, Efficient Frontier Analysis, Beta, Brinson's Asset Allocation, Pie Charts, VaR, Sharpe Ratio, and a distant relative, Technical Analysis — using yesterday's news as an investment crutch — are just other ways to record and to illustrate investment/investing history without valid analytical, interpretive, deductive, predictive, or directional investment value because they assume and suggest, incorrectly, that the financial markets' cycles of the past and the valuations of underlying investments in the past — because they are somehow mysteriously connected as part of an orderly, sequential financial system — will repeat themselves similarly or exactly in the future as they did in the past in much the same order and with the same frequencies, durations, levels, relative valuations, and volatilities; suggesting, contrary to fact and law, that investing hindsight is, indeed, investing insight and investing foresight — absurd, as anyone who has spent more than a nanosecond in the financial markets would, should know.

If the techniques, tools, and theories surgeons trusted and used were of the same quality and integrity in their specific fields of medical expertise as those used by Wall Street, many investment firms, most investment advisors — and almost all individual investors who invest for themselves — in their respective circles of responsibilities, an Apple-A-Day would be a wonder drug, Ouija Boards and Crystal Balls would be considered advanced medical tools, and Voodoo, Séances, and Witchcraft would be Pulitzer Prize winning Modern Medical Theories.

Contradictions and Compromise

Investment selection, investment timing, and investment management are the primary determinants of investing performance excellence; other contrived investing performance considerations pale in importance.

Wall Street's modern day individual investor and investment advisor investing solution — in an effort to maintain and expand continuous sources of revenues (commissions and fees) by leaching off of investor's hard earned capital regardless of results — is to dumb down individual investors and investment advisors by recommending index funds, ETFs, proprietary investment and investing contrivances, and the like while abandoning core investments and proven investing styles and strategies that have consistently built wealth for those who have been alert, uncompromising, demanding, disciplined, and patient; felony stupid.

Warren Buffett, adding fuel to these fallacious investing fires, is doing a great disservice to individual investors and investment advisors by recommending that both use unmanaged investments; in effect, 'Don't do what I did and do to achieve extraordinary investing performance success and do what I would never do and be mediocre at best.'

To eliminate or minimize any of the three is inexcusable investment advising and investing compromise:

  • Unmanaged Investments: Investment selection is based entirely on past performance which flies squarely in the face of Wall Street's well known and absolutely true golden investing platitude; past performance is not an indicator of future investment results.
  • Investment Timing: 'Don't even try' is neither a synonym for nor an excuse for 'Difficult to do.'
  • Investment Management; the essential/critical force that drives, sorts, prioritizes, and selects the decision making and action taking investing disciplines, rules, procedures, and processes that determine investing performance outcomes and investing destinies.

To prosper, to excel, to convert rhetoric into results, investment advisors and, in effect, individual investors must piece the investment advising, investing, and investing performance puzzle together by first developing a unique proprietary investment advising and investing value; your own prospectus; who you are, what you represent, what you will and will not do, and how you conduct your business; why, when, how, and what if — Investment Selection, Disciplines, Rules, and Procedures, Portfolio Management Disciplines, Rules, and Procedures.

Investor's WorkStation is an investment portfolio management software tool that will help you to prioritize investment selection, investment timing, and investment management and will force you to define, apply, and enforce the investing disciplines, rules, procedures, and processes that matter, that determine investing performance outcomes.

You can't get into trouble.

Investor's WorkStation Niche

Advent and the like — primarily as links between the investment advisor and the back office and secondarily as links to the client — perform only the most basic of portfolio creation and modification operations for you by letting you create/input investment portfolios, by rebalancing investment portfolios, by generating client reports (individual, one dimensional, unconnected, 'this is where you are now' reports' by performing "back-office" accounting functions, and by generating internal, compliance, and associated reports; more accounting for what you have done with investment portfolios, but without the detail of showing the portfolio creation, modification, and management processes.

Though Investor's WorkStation accounts for every penny, it was never meant to replace 'Advent-like' portfolio accounting software.

Investor's WorkStation is a utility program that is intended to be the link between investors, investment advisors, and portfolio accounting software; 'a client communication, connection, and performance tool,' if you will, to help investment advisors explain, demonstrate, prove, and perform their most important responsibility the primary reason investors come to them in the first place the ongoing investment advising and investing processes to build and to protect capital by creating and processing suitable, structurally sound, and competitive investment portfolios as investor investment profiles, the current market conditions, the market outlook, and relative investment values change.



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Create, manage, modify, monitor, measure, process, and maintain suitable, structurally sound, and competitive investment portfolios as investor investment profiles, the current market conditions, the market outlook, and relative investment values change; individual bonds and equities, and/or mutual funds, money managers, and user defined investments; over 50 reports.

Sample reports are composed of investments selected at random and are intended to illustrate the form, structure, content, capabilities, and intent of each report.

Investments may include any number, combination, and weighting of individual bonds, equities, mutual funds, money mangers, and or user defined investments in any number, combination, and weighting of user defined and selected investment sectors (listed on reports alphabetically or by user defined numeric schedule) and investment categories.

Investments and investment quantities were selected at random and are for report illustration purposes only

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