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Budget, Savings, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet Investment Planning Software:

Investor's CalcStation v. 8.6

Define the savings and investing tasks at hand; just a bump in the road, a walk in the park, or climb Mt. Everest.

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Investment Advising and Investing Excellence

How can you decide what to do if you don't know what needs to be done? How can you decide what needs to be done if you don't have the correct numbers?

'How much capital will I have when I need it to do what I want to do when I want to do it?' — clear and correct numbers in a few bottom-line reports.

Pie Charts and their relatives deaden the brain, suffocate rather than illuminate, obscure rather than clarify, trivialize the task at hand, and leave out the details:

Shakespeare did not write, "How do I love thee, let me show you this pie chart."

Michelangelo, at the Sistine Chapel, did not think, "I will paint them a pie chart."

Steven Hawking did not say, "The pie chart you see on the screen explains the issues of quantum physics and black holes.

Why would anyone use something rather ambiguous, like colors, to explain something that is quite clear, like numbers?

The reasons are to hide the numbers (not good), because the numbers are not understood (worse), because the numbers are not known (worse yet), or to keep the recipient from being too informed because the investment advisor is not well informed (the very worst).

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Easy, Quick, Complete, Accurate, Compliant

What you need to know and do; no data dumps, pie charts, graphs, schedules, and boatloads of default infested text reports detailing what investors already know about themselves; concluding with an investing footnote — "Product recommendations are not specified. For specific investment advice please consult your financial advisor;" all mere distractions from the substantive issues of sound financial/investment and investing planning.

Investor's CalcStation does all of the accounting for you; after each initial/single data entry, double-entry accounting debits and credits are distributed to the appropriate Budget (Income/Expenses), Assets, and Liabilities accounts and to Analyses and Balance Sheet fields to track and show cash flows.

The three Analysis Windows - 1, 2, & 3 - and their associated reports show different cash flow projections based on twelve enterable and modifiable analysis points of interest that will affect analyses' projections: Net Period Budget, Savings, Asset Growth Rates, Income and Expenses' Inflation Rates, Income Inflation Rates, Total Assets less Liabilities, Available Income from Assets, Inflation Adjusted Income, Income Shortfall, Inflation Adjusted Income Shortfall, Total Assets Less Inflation Adjusted Income Shortfall, Total Assets Less Inflation Adjusted Income Shortfall, and Inflation Adjusted Assets, Exclusions.

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