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PerfCalc v. 6.2

GIPS methodology compliant Modified Dietz, Modified Dietz Geometric Linking, Large Cash Flows Geometric Linking, and Daily Valuation portfolio performance calculation options.

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Investment Advising and Investing Excellence


Really now, just exactly how good are you? What is your ROI?

Though past investment performance is not an indicator of future investment results, it is the single best measure of the quality and consistency of your investment advising and investing performance skills.

Rather than tell investors how good you are, what you can do for them, and how the investments you recommend are the best and most suitable for them, trump all discussion, representations, and illustrations and prove it to them with the definitive measure of your ability to advise and to invest, to convert investment advising rhetoric into investing performance results; your ROI.

If It Is Measured, It Will Get Done.

The same data and different popular performance calculation methodology algorithms generate significantly different annualized performance return calculations; only one is correct and compliant:

Same Data, Different Investment Portfolio Annualized Performance Return Calculation Methodologies
16.25 %

PerfCalc, when 'compromise, kinda close, and somewhat honest' are not performance calculation options; correct and compliant performance calculations for all situations.

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Easy, Quick, Complete, Accurate, Compliant

User selected dated Market Values and dated portfolio external cash flows — Investor Contributions and Investor Withdrawals — to and from a portfolio are all that are required to calculate portfolio or individual investment performance over a user selected portfolio/investment performance calculation analysis range.

Accruals may be applied to fine tune a performance calculation in situations where significant accruals have been earned but are, as of yet, unpaid within a user selected portfolio performance calculation analysis range.

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PerfCalc GIPS Compliant Portfolio Performance Calculation Capabilities

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